Dharma Child is the symbolic representation of the earth-inhabiting-creator being formally known as and named Michael Vanasek. As a child of Dharma, I Am always becoming and in a state of constant change on the eternal way. Evolving into greater complexity as a synthesis of form and essence in a state of transformation towards my highest nature. Upon this foundation, I am to share and express the many facets of this unfolding for all to experience and relate to for their own opportunity of self-discovery, purpose, and meaning in this lifetime through music/art (image and likeness).

Dharma is the essence of being and the duty intrinsic to individuality. We all have an opportunity to discover our Dharma in this life and be liberated. Once we allow ourselves to do so, we open up the doors of creativity, happiness and fulfillment, which resonates throughout the Universe and effects positive change to ALL. Align yourself with the (((isness))) (the moment) and step into your true power as a child of (((Dharma))). OneLOVE

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